Interaktywne analizy


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  • varclust. Clustering variables. Performs clustering of quantitative variables, assuming that clusters lie in low-dimensional subspaces. Segmentation of variables, number of clusters and their dimensions are selected based on BIC. Candidate models are identified based on many runs of K-means algorithm with different random initializations of cluster centers. Available on CRAN
  • pesel, Automatic estimation of number of principal components in PCA with PEnalized SEmi-integrated Likelihood (PESEL). Available on CRAN
  • biogram: N-Gram Analysis of Biological Sequences. Tools for extraction and analysis of various n-grams (k-mers) derived from biological sequences (proteins or nucleic acids). Contains QuiPT (quick permutation test) for fast feature-filtering of the n-gram data. Available on CRAN
  • giosAPI, a set of tools that provide access to the GIOS air quality data API. Available on Github